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Room Service!

Imagine you're a guest at a luxury hotel, with the entire staff of trained hospitality professionals, eager to assist, at your service. How great would that be?!


Imagine no more! ROOM SERVICE is here for you, ready to fulfill your every need!


Room service is a mobile, interactive, physical performance comprised of a group of 2-8 performers, playing the roles of a luxury hotel's staff. Amongst the roles are bellhops, maids, concierge, private chef, personal trainer, and more.


Whomever the hotel staff approach is a guest in the hotel and will be treated as such. They can order anything off our menu for themselves, or for anyone else, to be served immediately, or at any time. 


"Wake up call for your friend? No problem!" "Phone call for you, madam". "You're dinner table for two is ready". "May we show you to your room?", "Your personal trainer has arrived!". 


Your wish is our command!


But of course, while the staff of our hotel always does their utmost to fulfill guests every wish and desire, (at times before the guest even know what they want!), sometimes things don't work out just as they should and something comes between our staff and their mission. Usually, it's the staff themselves…


On our menu are:

Fitness training

Dinner for two

Turn down service

Wake up call

Room inspection

Secret room


Happy hour 

Messy happy hour 

And more!

The Room Service flyer 2023(back).jpg
The Room Service flyer 2023 (front).jpg

Download flyer


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