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Who Are We


Down to Clown is an interactive theater company that specializes in absurdist, mobile, participatory theater.


Roaming the crowd, waiting around the corner, where you go - there we are, waiting for you to join us.


We offer a variety of original, acts, all created and performed by experienced clown professionals, who have mastered their craft to perfection.


In our acts, we gently and lovingly nudge the audience slightly out of their comfort zone, since that is where the funny lives!



We believe that there are two kinds of things that are funny: Things that are out of size (disproportionate, too big, too small) and things that our out of place.


Since we don't like wearing clown shoes we decided to go for things that are out of place.

For example An office in the middle of the forest. A film crew in a sauna, or the entire staff of a hotel in your bedroom.

It just happens, and suddenly you're somewhere else, in a new setting, experiencing something weird and wonderful.

Down to Clown was created and is run by Yonatan Weizman.

Yonatan is a performance artist, clown, writer, and kindergarten teacher. After receiving his Master's in creative writing from the University of Oxford, he disappointed his mother and dedicated himself to what he really loves: Fooling around, playing games, wearing costumes, having fun, teaching, learning and occasionally falling over and dropping things!

Many of the laughs are achieved thanks to the many wonderful, creative, and hilarious performers who take part.  So if you'd like to join us, reach out!

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