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Film Crew!

Who's never imagined what it would be like to be the star of a movie?


Imagine no more! FILM CREW is here, and things are about to get very, very real!


Film crew is a mobile, interactive, absurdist performance, in which are play the production team, and whomever we approach suddenly becomes our actor(s) and must follow direction!


The director is annoyed, the producer nervous, the sound-person drunk, the camera-person confused, and make up have no clue.


But you remember your lines, right?

What do you mean you have no idea what's going on‽

Just go with it, because if you don't, you might never work in the town again. Or worse yet: You might be replaced by a PENGUIN!


Film crew PNG back.png
Film Crew PNG front.png

Download flyer

Film Crew-4_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Film Crew-18_edited.jpg
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